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Published within the framework of the SharCo project


The 3' -proximal part of the Plum pox virus P1 gene determinates the symptom expression in two herbaceous host plants

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Evaluation of the genetic diversity of Plum pox virus in a single plum tree

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Identification of simple sequence repeat markers tightly linked to plum pox virus resistance in apricot

Mol Breeding
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Sequence Variability, Recombination Analysis, and Specific Detection of the W Strain of Plum pox virus

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Strategies to Confer Resistance to Sharka (PPV) in Apricot

ISHS Acta Horticulturae 862: XIV International Symposium on Apricot Breeding and Culture
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Narrowing down the apricot Plum pox virus resistance locus and comparative analysis with the peach genome syntenic region

Molecular Plant Pathology
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Simple and efficient biolistic procedure for the plant transfection with cDNA clones of RNA viruses

Acta Virologica
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Genetic diversity of Plum pox virus Isolates in Muntenia, Romania

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A single amino acid mutation alters the capsid protein electrophoretic double-band phenotype of the Plum pox virus strain PPV-Rec

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Identification of QTL for resistance to plum pox virus strains M and D in Lito and Harcot apricot cultivars

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