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SharCo is built on three pillars, each one divided into a number of workpackages strongly interacting with each other within and across the pillars

The Epidemiologic Pillar

It encompasses three main aspects, understanding the mechanisms of the disease process on the one hand side, developing outbreak detecting and evaluating systems of the other hand side. The objective is to develop new methods and new tools for monitoring and fighting the PPV spread in nursery blocks and orchards. It will also provide data and tools for the evaluation of PPV diversity and factors driving PPV diversification. Methods, tools and knowledge generated in the Epidemiologic Pillar will be used in the Application Pillar for the elaboration of guidelines and early warning system.

- WPE.1: Large scale analysis of PPV worldwide diversity
- WPE.2: Improving knowledge of PPV epidemicity and spread dynamics from orchard to regional scales
- WPE3: Evaluation of strategies to reduce the incidence of PPV in nurseries blocks

The Genetic Pillar

The primary goal of this pillar is to provide stone fruit breeders with genetic knowledge and tools aimed at selecting the resistant varieties. Molecular markers will be developed in apricot, peach and plum, and used for the implementation of marker assisted breeding programmes for resistance to PPV Europe-wide. Unknown mechanisms and sources of resistance will be identified among natural resources or through biotechnological approaches. By the end of SharCo, complementary mechanisms of resistance will be combined to enhance PPV resistance in commercial stone fruit varieties. The PPV resistant plant material generated within the SharCo project will be implemented through the cultivation guidelines in the Application Pillar.

- WPG.1: Identification of PPV resistance markers and development of marker assisted selection
- WPG.2: Characterisation of new and complementary genetic resistance mechanisms

The Application Pillar

It is aimed at putting at the disposal of breeders, nursery gardeners and fruit producers with tools and plant material enabling them preventing sharka outbreak and minimising the impact in case of contamination. It will also support public policy-makers, regulatory bodies, extension services and other stakeholders through the development of an early warning system, the elaboration of risk management guidelines and recommendations for seedlings and grafted material cultivation. To facilitate knowledge and tool access to any stakeholder, a decision support system will be initiated and several training workshops will target dissemination and transfer to European and PPV endemic regions.

- WPA.1: Sustainable sharka containement scheme
- WPA.2: Dissemination and transfer

Workpackage interdependencies

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