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Epidemiology - WPE


  • WPE.1 has the two-fold objective of developing innovative technologies for the rapid and detailed characterization of PPV isolates and of generating a global picture of the currently spreading Plum pox virus isolates diversity, not only within the participating countries but at the world level.
  • The aim of WPE 2 is to develop a methodological framework to provide new information and better understanding about the risk of installation and further spreading of PPV variants after their accidental introduction into a new territory or given agro-system.
  • WPE.3 aims provide information about the most accurate sampling and detection methods to analyze large numbers of rootstocks and nursery plants with the aim to facilitate the labour of inspectors and to improve the guaranties of both certified plants and the sanitary EU passport. In addition, WPE.3 aims to provide important epidemiological data to interfere, through new cultivation methods, with the natural spread of PPV, thus avoiding or minimizing Plum pox incidence in nursery blocks. The combination of these two strategies will allow the establishment of guidelines for a better containment of the sharka disease.